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Top 5 Industries for Candidates in Top Echelon for 2015

by | Feb 1, 2016 | Top Echelon Blog


As you well know, though, to make placements, you must have both job orders and candidates. Since we’ve already announced the top five industries for both placements and job orders in Top Echelon in 2015, we shall now announce the top five industries for candidates during the recently completed year.

As has become customary, I must present our standard disclaimer:

Keep in mind that the statistics in this blog post are the result of placements made by members of the Top Echelon recruiting network during the calendar year of 2015. While they are just a sampling and not 100% indicative of the trends in recruitment overall, they do provide an accurate picture of what Network recruiters experienced last year.

Below are the top five industries for candidates in Top Echelon Network for 2015:

#1—Industry & Manufacturing (48.0%)

This industry is most definitely “king of the hill” in Top Echelon. That’s because it was ranked #1 in all three of the Network’s major categories—placements, job orders, and candidates. In fact, it accounted for nearly half of the candidates submitted to the Network in 2015 at 48%. Now, job orders are often entered into the system under more than one industry, and there are a number of niche recruiting verticals within Industry & Manufacturing, but there’s no disputing the dominance of this industry in Top Echelon Network.

#2—Engineering (27.0%)

There’s a reason why recruiters are making so many placements in Engineering within Top Echelon Network. That’s because there’s a high percentage of both job orders and candidates. Engineering was ranked second in both categories in 2015. Not only are companies looking to hire engineers, but they’re willing to use executive recruiters to find those engineers, and those recruiters in turn are willing to split the placement fee if they can use another recruiter’s candidate. As you can see, this is truly a win-win-win scenario. (Actually, Top Echelon wins, too, so throw in another “win.”)

#3—Sales & Marketing (12.8%)

Sales & Marketing was also third in terms of job orders within Top Echelon Network, so a third-place finish in the candidate category also resulted in quite a few placements within this industry last year. In addition, the industry has shown growth just about every year since the Great Recession, underscoring the effects of the recovery (slow as they may be). Companies are hiring Sales & Marketing professionals, and those professionals are open to exploring new opportunities.

#4—IT/Information Systems/Data Processing (8.7%)

The need for these types of professionals has been more or less consistent in Top Echelon Network for the past two decades. However, there have been peaks and valleys along the way. Considering the fact that this industry is currently #4 on the job order list puts it more in a valley than a peak. Remember, it used to be #2 in the Network behind Industry & Manufacturing for quite a long time. Make no mistake, though: Network recruiters are still making a ton of split fee recruiting placements here.

#5—Healthcare (7.9%)

This industry has remained in step, as well, cracking the top five in Top Echelon in more than one category. As we’ve discussed before, Healthcare at one point was one of the hottest industries operating within the Network, especially in terms of job orders. While Healthcare-related job orders no longer flood the Network, Healthcare candidates have remained constant. Like IT, there are plenty of recruiters who are placing these candidates in contracting positions.

The other top industries for candidates:

Personnel & Human Resources—5.7%
Technology & Technologists—3.7%

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