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Top 5 Industries for Job Orders in Top Echelon for 2015

by | Jan 29, 2016 | Owner Issues, Top Echelon Blog


In order for recruiters to make placements, they must have job orders. (Makes sense, right?) Well, as you might have already guessed, we have statistics dealing with job orders in Top Echelon.

Specifically, we have statistics dealing with where the most job orders were in Top Echelon recruiting network last year. Before we begin, though, I must present our standard disclaimer:

Keep in mind that the statistics in this blog post are the result of placements made by Top Echelon Network member recruiters during the calendar year of 2015. While they are just a sampling and not 100% indicative of the recruiting industry overall, they do provide an accurate picture of what Network recruiters experienced last year.

Ah, that feels better. Now that our disclaimer is out of the way, let’s proceed, shall we?

Below are the top five industries for job orders in Top Echelon Network for 2015:

#1—Industry & Manufacturing (30.8%)

If you remember correctly (because we do), Industry & Manufacturing also represented the #1 industry in the Network in terms of placements in 2015. Part of the reason is that there were so many job orders related to this industry submitted by Network recruiters. When there’s a particular hiring need on the part of companies, that need must be met, and when that need is met? Placements . . . sweet, sweet placements.

#2—Engineering (27.7%)

This industry was also in the top five as far as placements were concerned, but its percentage in terms of job orders is much higher. In fact, it’s almost double. What does this mean? It means that companies of all kinds want to hire engineers of all types AND it means they’re willing to hire an executive recruiting firm to make that happen. Over the past five years, Engineering has become one of the hottest industries in Top Echelon Network.

#3—Sales & Marketing (14.5%)

This industry was #4 on our placement list, but it moved up the ladder in terms of job orders. Once again, this means that companies are looking to hire Sales & Marketing professionals, which means they have the money to hire Sales & Marketing professionals, which means they have the money to hire executive recruiters to help them find these professionals. (Man, I never get tired of saying that. Probably because I’m a marketing professional.)

#4—IT/Information Systems/Data Processing (13.4%)

Once again, this industry has been a staple in the Network over the years, and it’s been one in all three categories. Top Echelon recruiters have been willing to share tech candidates, not only specifically within IT, but also within other industries and niches. (Healthcare IT has been one of the hottest niches in the Network.) Not only that, but recruiters have also been placing IT contractors at a healthy clip during the past few years, and there are many IT candidates who are open to contract staffing agreements.

#5—Healthcare (8.2%)

At one point seven or eight years ago, over a third of all job orders in Top Echelon Network were Healthcare-related. The need for Healthcare professionals was HOT-hot. It wasn’t just sun-hot, it was white-hot. Supernova-hot. The problem with that was the fact there weren’t enough qualified candidates to fill those job orders. These days, there are fewer Healthcare-related job orders, but more candidates to fill them. Once again, placements . . . sweet, sweet placements.

The other top industries for job orders:

Technology & Technologists—5.8%

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