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4 Good Reasons to Update Your Recruiting Firm’s Website

by | Jul 21, 2020 | Top Echelon Blog

So why should a staffing or recruiting firm update its website on a consistent basis?

That’s assuming, of course, that the recruiting or staffing firm in question does have a website. Believe it or not, some firms do not.

In this age of technology and the Internet, that’s a risky proposition for those who want to maximize their exposure and market their services and firm to the fullest extent.

However, let’s assume that your firm does have a website and the site has not been updated in the recent past. Below are four good reasons to consider updating the design of that site:

#1—People, especially job seekers, are more Web-savvy than ever.

Some candidates in the marketplace today grew up on the Internet. They’ve lived on the Internet, so to speak, which makes them extremely Web-savvy in every way. Whether you like it or not, they could very well judge you—at least in part—by what your firm’s website looks like. Updating the look and feel of the site on a frequent basis will keep it “fresh” for candidates who visit and help to brand your firm in a more positive fashion. There’s a good chance that your recruiting software even integrates with your site for automatic job board posting – make sure your brand is consistent every step of the way.

#2—Your website brands you as a recruiter and as a firm.

Speaking of branding . . . it’s entirely possible to brand yourself to somebody without even speaking to them. You can do that through emailing, texting, and of course, with your website. As with all other contact with people, you want the interaction they have with your website to be a positive one, and the design of your site and what it looks like definitely falls into that category.

#3—Chances are good that your competition is NOT updating their site’s design.

As a general rule, recruiting and staffing firms don’t update the design of their website very frequently. As a result, it stands to reason that updating your firm’s site on a consistent basis would set you apart from your competition.

#4—The increasing use of smartphones and tablet devices.

More and more people, including job seekers, are browsing the Web with smartphones and tablet devices instead of PCs and even laptops. If your firm’s website doesn’t have “responsive design,” allowing it to be viewed on ALL devices, that all by itself is a great reason to update the site.

The status quo is often the enemy of your firm’s website. Allowing it to become stagnant for prolonged periods of time can have negative consequences for you and your firm.

If you haven’t updated the design of your recruiting or staffing firm’s website in longer than 18 months (an eternity in technological terms), then consider how a re-design could help keep your site current and provide a more positive experience for the people who visit it.

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