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7 Benefits of Hiring (and Placing) Millennials

by | May 9, 2016 | Recruiter Training, Top Echelon Blog

The struggle is real trying to figure out this new generation! Unless you’ve been living under a rock you have heard the negative stereotypes (and their lingo, which we will sprinkle throughout this article) about Generation Y, commonly referred to as millennials. This age group encompasses those born in the mid-70′s to the early 2000’s.

Some negative stereotypes associated with millennials include: an entitlement attitude, an ego, and a need for constant feedback. Feel like you can’t even? And what does “on fleek” mean, anyway? (Click here for the primer article “15 Words and Phrases Millennials Use But No One Else Understands.”)

TBH: The jury is still out on whether these are an over-exaggerated stereotype or a snapshot of a generation. However it must be noted that these younger workers have many qualities which make them great employees, and contract candidates. Perf.

According to an article on, millennials offer seven benefits to companies:

  1. Tech-savvy
  2. Cost-effective
  3. Team players
  4. Acceptance seeking
  5. Self-expressive
  6. Conscious of the competition
  7. Current

Millennials and contract positions

In order to tap into a millennial’s full potential, a company needs to show them how their work makes an impact. Millennials also thrive in work environments that are more flexible. Most millennials don’t think it’s necessary to come into the office at a set time for a task they could do from anywhere at any time. Another fuel to the millennial’s fire is a craving for social interactions.

This combination of qualities and motivators make millennials ideal candidates for contract staffing. In order to adapt to a new contract assignment, contractors need to be quick and resourceful learners. Additionally, contractors can see how their work makes an impact because they often work on a project with a deadline.

Also, contract work is a flexible option. Contractors can choose when to accept assignments. Contractors also often work in teams with a goal of completing a certain project.

You may encounter clients who have a negative view of millennials, but if their job openings require any of the qualities we mentioned above, you may want to have them reconsider. Make sure your recruiting software includes a solid pool of millennials in it’s depths.

(Please note: we refrained from using the phrase “bae” in this article)

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