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What Can Staffing Agency Software Do for Recruiters?

by | Apr 7, 2022 | Recruitment Software

If you are a third-party recruiter, you can greatly benefit from staffing agency software. It can save you time and make your recruiting firm more efficient. Find out how below.

What is staffing agency software?

Third-party recruitment firms use staffing agency software to manage both the candidate and client sides of the hiring process. The software is good for recruiting both permanent placements and contract workers.

Staffing management software is a combination of an applicant tracking system (ATS) and recruiting CRM (customer relationship management) system. The ATS portion lets you manage candidates and their information throughout the recruiting process. The CRM portion helps you maintain relationships with your clients and candidates.

Staffing company software is meant to save you time on daily tasks, so you can spend more time recruiting.

What can staffing agency software do for you?

Staffing agency software can simplify the placement process for you. It can keep you organized, on schedule, and in contact with clients and candidates.

Here’s what online staffing software can do for you.

Candidate profiles

The staffing agency software can hold information about each of your candidates. To successfully match candidates, you will likely record their work histories and backgrounds.

If you start with a candidate’s resume, parsing a resume is easy with the software. Resume parsing lets you quickly add the candidate’s information.

You can also use the software to record any activity and communication you have with candidates. For example, you can record when you interview a candidate or call them with an update.

Email marketing

You can do email marketing through your staffing agency software. This will help you stay in front of both your clients and candidates. You can send open jobs to candidates to keep their interest. You might send placement follow up emails to clients and ask them about more openings.


You can categorize your candidates, clients, and job orders in your recruiting software. Then, you can easily use boolean search to find matches in your software. For example, if you have a job order for a nurse manager, you can use the software’s search feature to find candidates with matching skills.

Task scheduling

You can schedule tasks and events in your staffing agency software. For example, you can put phone calls, emails, and interviews on the calendar. This way, you can easily schedule follow up communication and marketing emails.

Not only can you schedule tasks, but you can also set reminders so you don’t forget about them. The software will show you what day and time you planned each activity and alert you when it’s time to complete it.

Note keeping

When you interview candidates and talk to clients, you likely take notes. You can prevent these notes from getting lost by adding them to your staffing agency software.

For example, you take notes while interviewing candidates. So you can remember what was said and compare candidates later, add your notes to the candidate’s profile. You can go back later to review your notes or pass them on to your clients.

Job board integration

If your software is integrated with your recruiter website, you can push job postings to your website’s job board. People can then find the job opening through a web search.

You can direct people to your website to apply for open jobs. When people apply, their resume will automatically be uploaded into your software account.

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