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What Are the Hot Executive Jobs for 2014?

by | Jan 27, 2014 | Recruiter Training, Top Echelon Blog

JOB MARKET TREND: Every recruiter knows that a placement is more likely to happen if the company looking to fill the position has a sense of urgency about filling it.  Usually, that sense of urgency is tied to a position that is extremely important, or in other words, directly impacts the company’s bottom line.  So . . . which positions are companies most likely to fill with urgency in the coming year?  What are the hot executive jobs for 2014?” target=”_blank”>“10 Hot Executive Jobs in 2014” via

ANALYSIS: The article breaks down the 10 jobs down by industry, four of them, specifically.  The four industries are Technology, Financial Services, Healthcare, and Human Resources.

The list of 10 hot executive jobs for 2014 are as follows:


1. Chief Information Officer
2. Chief Marketing Officer
3. Chief Risk Officer/Cybersecurity Officer
4. Head of M-Commerce (Mobile Commerce)

Financial Services:

5. Head of Compliance
6. CFO/Finance Director, China
7. Chief Digital Officer, Insurance


8. Chief Strategy Officer
9. Vice President of Market Access

Human Resources:

10. Chief Human Resources Officer

Two more points to take from the article:

1. Big Data is here to stay and remains one of the biggest catalysts for hiring.

2. Companies that have been hoarding cash are now sitting on a ton of money and are ready to use that money hire new employees.  However, they’ll be hiring in a more strategic fashion, with an eye toward technology.

FEEDBACK: Do you place any of the executives included in the list above?  If so, have you placed more of them lately?  How many do you think you’ll place in the coming year?

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