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Recruiting Millennials: 5 Tips to Attract a New Generation of Top Talent

by | Mar 20, 2019 | Recruiter Training, Top Echelon Blog

According to one source, more than one in three workers (35%) are millennials. And according to another source, millennials will make up 75% of the workforce by the year 2030. As the number of millennials in the workforce grows, you must adapt your strategies for recruiting millennials.

5 Tips for recruiting millennials

To attract a new generation of top talent, you must learn how to recruit millennials. Use the five tips below to boost your recruitment strategies for millennials.

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1. Emphasize employer brand

Your client’s employer brand can make or break its workplace reputation. Creating a positive employer brand can help recruit and retain more millennials.

An employer brand shows candidates what it’s like to work for your client’s company. Give millennials a snapshot of the business during the recruiting process.

While recruiting and hiring millennials, include what makes your client stand out from competitors. And, be sure to outline your client’s values. What is the work culture like? How does your client’s workplace compare to others?

Use an authentic workplace culture to attract top candidates. Millennials appreciate transparency and want an employer who shares similar values.

Consider posting pictures of current employees to showcase your client’s employer brand. For example, while posting a job description, you might include a photo from an office event that shows employee engagement.

2. Promote a fun work environment

This tip goes hand-in-hand with emphasizing your client’s employer brand. Along with seeing a strong employer brand, millennials want a workplace where they can have a little fun.

One reason why millennials job-hop is due to an unenjoyable workplace. You may think that companies who have more fun are less productive. However, one source states that happy employees are 12% more productive.

Promote a fun work environment to candidates. If your client has office events, parties, or special treats for employees, promote those activities. Let millennial applicants know that a job doesn’t have to be all work and no play.

For example, say your client surprised employees with an ice cream truck. Create a social media post with a company photo from the event to emphasize your client’s fun work environment.

Candidates need to be able to see the fun side of the company. But, they also need to see a serious side, too. Don’t over-promote a fun work environment.

3. Be present on social media

More than ever, recruiters need to utilize mobile recruiting to attract top candidates, especially millennials.

Use a variety of social recruiting websites and applications to post job openings to larger audiences. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are some accounts you can use to promote positions and recruit candidates.

Research what platforms millennials use most. And, remember that platforms that work well for one client may not work for another. Experiment with platforms to see which attract the most millennials.

Consider asking candidates which site they found the job posting on. You can use candidate feedback to learn which platforms are best for millennial recruitment.

4. Clarify career paths and opportunities

Another reason why millennials leave positions is to advance their careers elsewhere. If a millennial doesn’t see a future with your client ’s company, they likely won’t stick around.

You and your client must discuss career paths for candidates. And, mention advancement opportunities to candidates throughout the recruiting process.

Take time to look at different positions within the client’s company to see what options candidates have for the future. For example, say a candidate is applying to a sales position. You could let them know they might be able to advance to the marketing department later in their career.

Be straightforward about career advancement opportunities. If a millennial asks a question about career paths during the interview process, be honest and open about the possibilities.

5. Stay up-to-date with technology

In an age of ever-changing technology, 85% of millennials access the internet from their phones. And after growing up with it, millennials have also turned to technology for job searching, too.

Because millennials typically utilize their smartphones, laptops, or other devices to search for positions, shouldn’t you use that to your recruiting advantage?

Stay up-to-date with all types of platforms. Use mobile applications, social media, job boards, and recruiting software to tap into the pool of millennial candidates.

Make sure applications and job posts are accessible through all types of devices. That way, no matter what device an applicant is using, candidates can still view and apply for positions.

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