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Social Media Recruitment Training Courses for Search Consultants

by | Mar 10, 2022 | Recruiter Training

In terms of the recruiting profession, social media is still a relatively new phenomenon. After all, the recruiting profession started in this country shortly after World War II. That’s about 75 years ago. Social media has been part of American life for less than 20 years.

So as you might expect, recruiters largely ignored social media until they realized they could make placements with social media. (Of course, there were those prognosticators who predicted that social media would spell the end of recruiters, just like everything that arrives on the scene spells the end of recruiters. But they’re still standing, better than they’ve ever been . . .)

But as with everything, there’s a right way for a recruiter to approach social media and there’s a wrong way. If you approach it the wrong way, you could embark upon a “wild goose chase” and wasted tremendous amounts of time. And when you’re a recruiter, when you’re wasting time, you’re essentially wasting money.

That’s why social media recruitment training courses are so valuable. They show recruiters and search consultants the right way to handle social media so that they can make more placements and not waste any time in the process. To achieve this, social media recruitment training courses should possess two important characteristics:

  1. They should be online for convenience and flexibility.
  2. They should be free to keep down costs and reduce the initial investment.

The good news is that Top Echelon offers social media recruitment training courses as part of its Recruiter Coaching Series of free webinars. These courses possess both of the important characteristics outlined. They are both online and free.

Online social media recruitment training courses

After the webinars in Top Echelon’s Recruiter Coaching Series are over, we post the recorded version of the webinars in our Recruiter Training Library. Many of these training courses (and subsequent videos) deal with topics that could be associated with social media recruiting.

Four of these social media recruitment training courses are listed below. We’ve included the title of the course or video, the name of the trainer, a description, and a link.

— — —

“4 Ways to Leverage Social Media to Increase Sales” by Ashley Ryall

Ninety percent of decision-makers don’t answer a cold call, so you as a recruiter have to constantly be creative with your approach. Join Ashley Ryall of UntapSocial as she guides you through the four pillars of social selling: how to leverage your professional networks and social media to gain prospective and existing customer insight, generate a warmer conversation and ultimately make more high-quality placements…while positioning yourself online as a resource and an industry thought leader.

In this training course, you will learn:

  • Why and how social selling works (with case studies from IBM, LinkedIn and GuardianLife)
  • How to gain candidate and client company insight so you can better speak to their challenges and offer your service as a solution
  • How to tweak your outreach process to improve your open- and response rates on LinkedIn with sample message templates
  • How to improve your SSI score on LinkedIn

Click HERE to watch this social media recruitment training course video.

— — —

“SocialTalent’s Top 15 Sourcing Hacks” by Naomi Baily

In this candidates’ market, you need more quality candidates. That’s why you should join us for the next session in our free Recruiter Coaching Series of webinars. This webinar, titled “SocialTalent’s Top 10 Sourcing Hacks,” is scheduled for 1 p.m., Eastern Time on Tuesday, June 11.

During this free webinar, Naomi Bailey of SocialTalent will share the following with attendees:

  • Quick, effective sourcing tips to share with your team
  • The three-step process to personal branding on social media
  • FREE sourcing productivity tools

Click HERE to watch this social media recruitment training course video.

— — —

“Social Media Outreach for Recruiters” by Shally Steckerl

If you watch this information-packed social media recruitment training course, you’ll learn:

  • How to weave your cold calls, voice mails, and emails with new social media outreach strategies that could increase your call-back ratio by at least 20%.
  • How to prioritize various communication vehicles to get faster responses from prospects.
  • How to find the social footprint for many of your candidate prospects so you can expand the ways in which you connect with them.
  • What to include in your social media messages that will increase the likelihood of generating a positive response.
  • How to relate the values of having your own Facebook page and LinkedIn Group and define which types of activities are best for each of the social networks.

Click HERE to watch this social media recruitment training course video.

— — —

“Upgrade Your Job Postings to Stand Out in Social Media” by Shally Steckerl

In this FREE social media recruitment training course, industry trainer and sourcing guru Shally Steckerl will show attendees how to optimize job postings and other recruitment content for use in social media. In addition, among the over-crowded pages of social media, recruiters must use strategic and savvy language in order to stand out.

Specifically, viewers of this video will learn how to:

  • Create compelling posts that work best with social media
  • Hone job postings specifically for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Dramatically increase job posting visibility with “likes,” retweets, and comments
  • Deliver your message through mobile and SMS with opt-in lists and short-codes
  • Re-purpose content for creative mobile-friendly campaigns

Click HERE to watch this social media recruitment training course video.

— — —

Free social media recruitment training courses

Not only are Top Echelon’s training courses located online, but they’re also FREE! This includes the social media recruitment training courses outlined above. In fact, Top Echelon offers a TON of recruitment training courses. These webinars touch upon a variety of recruiter-related topics dealing with both candidates and clients. As always, our goal with these webinars (and corresponding videos) is to help recruiters make more placements.

These free recruitment training courses are conducted by some of the most popular trainers and speakers in the recruiting and staffing profession. In addition to the three trainers listed above, they include:

  • Greg Doersching
  • Barb Bruno
  • Jon Bartos
  • Doug Beabout
  • Gary Stauble
  • Scott Wintrip

These are just a handful of the many trainers who have contributed to our library of training courses. There are others, as well. Here’s even better news: these recruitment training courses are literally at your fingertips. That’s because with just a few keystrokes (and, ahem, your email address), you could start watching them right now!

And not only that, but you can also sign up to receive emails for our Recruiter Coaching Series of live webinars. As mentioned above, after the webinars are over, we post the recorded version of the webinars on our website. So you can visit our online library and:

  • Browse our catalog of free online recruitment training courses.
  • Sign up to receive emails about future webinars.

Click the link below to visit our online library of recruiter training courses:

Visit our Recruiter Training Library!

In addition to training and webinars, Top Echelon offers other recruitment solutions. These solutions include the following:

For more information about Top Echelon and the products and services that it offers, visit the Top Echelon website by clicking here.

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